Hope of Remington Fields comes from a long history of champion bloodlines. Hope has a great temperament, calm demeanor, loves attention and being outside playing or just relaxing in the sun.
Hope has very good hips; her pennhip is 0.38 on both sides! Hope has been Embark tested and cleared of any genetic conditions. The embark test is the only comprehensive test on the market, providing results for over 160 genetic conditions and accurate breed identification based on over 200,000 genetic markers. The embark paperwork will be provided in the puppy passport. Hope is also on ( golden retriever database ) under the name Hope of Remington Fields.
Her father, Timber, is 0.31 and 0.34 on his BAD hip!
Her mother, Brooke, is 0.37 and 0.41 on her BAD hip!


Symphony of the Shenandoah was bred from the best of the American show ring and European imports. On both sides biddable temperaments and calm demeanor’s are the normal.
Bach has incredible hips! His pennhip is 0.26 and 0.30! Amazing for a Golden Retriever! Bach has been Embark tested and cleared of any genetic condition. Bach is also on under the name Symphony of the Shenandoah.
His father, Simon, has THE BEST hips we can find! 0.20 and 0.21 on the BAD hip! WOW!
His mother, Nola, is 0.27 and 0.33! WOW!


Hopes’s International Championship judge comments